Ironhorse Wisdom

Wrinkles and Roads
I’ve faced my demons, more than once
Spit against the wind
Walked on water, so I thought
Ventured into sin
Moved the Earth, a time or two
Ate my share of dirt
Spurned the gift of life itself
Death whispered its flirt
Wrinkles travel upon my face
As lines from a weathered map
Roads destined to end at fate
Time, the eternal trap
Wisdom sprouts from failed seeds
Lessons to be learned
Still waters, run deeper still
When bridges have been burned
I’m not one to dwell upon
Choices left behind
I choose to see what lies ahead
For hindsight can be blind
Wrinkles travel upon my face
Reflecting roads of past
I pray to ever taste the wind
The roads, to ever last
Ironhorse Writer
© 1/03/2003

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